Marriage Alchemy



Threshold coaching is helping people cross life thresholds that may be blocking them from the life they want and deserve.  Career thresholds.  Physical thresholds.  Season-of-life thresholds.  Creativity thresholds.  Relationship thresholds. 

This isn’t therapy.  This isn’t motivational coaching.  Instead, it is an approach that uses philosophical tools and phenomenological methods to help you identify and examine beliefs that are controlling your actions and your life.  I have found that AT the ROOT of almost every part of our life that we don’t love is a belief—and often, it is a belief that is hidden even from the person holding the belief.  I can help someone discover that hidden 'control belief' in less than an hour.  And I then use philosophical methods (drawing on neuro-science and phenomenology) to help a person find and replace those limiting beliefs with new, freeing beliefs.   I use tools I’ve been learning, developing, and practicing over the last decade, and my experience has shown that people can locate, name and transform beliefs in 2-5 sessions that may have been blocking them for years or even decades—even after years and years of therapy.

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