Tour Overview

The unexamined life is not worth living.
— Socrates


I design a tour to fit your tastes, your desires, and your particular needs.  This includes a lunch at a winery and visiting 3-4 wineries.  Your tour is designed and led by someone born and raised in wine country and you benefit from this local expertise and relationships with winemakers, winegrowers, owners and those who have deep passion for their craft. 



Explore the mysteries of the soil that bring you the complex, subtle tastes in the glass. Explore the mysteries within your own soul and get to the root of any part of your life that you would like to love more than you currently do. Taste the soil through exquisite wines. See your own soul reflected in a glass of wine. Instead of taking a wine tour to DISTRACT you from your life, this tour could lead you to understand, love and ENJOY your life more than when you begin this journey.





Tours for 1-5 people will travel around in a 2018 Tesla X with falcon wing doors and white vegan leather seats.  You will ride in style while knowing that you have zero emissions.  Why choose between aesthetics and ethics when you can have both?  Many wineries have special parking spots for Teslas right up front.  You will get to arrive and depart awaking that inner pleasure of a sweet ride.

The unexamined wine is not worth drinking.
— C. Beals